41 weeks | baby maybe?


Today is officially 41 weeks. The last week made me feel like he was going to chill out in there fooorreeevverr…. I even managed to go to the gym three times this week and felt pretty much fine.

Finally, this morning about 3am I woke up with some signs of progress (I’ll spare you the TMI details) and some very light crampy contractions that are still off and on. They are at the ‘uncomfortable’ level at the worst. Enough that I didn’t want to be at work rolling around on my big blue ball making cringey faces or relaxy sounds every 20 minutes or so. Probably freaking people out. Plus, it could easily pick up the pace at any time and I don’t want to have to drive home with strong¬†contractions.

I had a midwife appt this morning and she said a lot has happened since my last appt. While I am not yet in labor, it’s basically any time now. Looks like my water is very close to breaking. He’s sitting at -1 station. She said I “probably won’t be pregnant by Monday”. *excited face* If I happen to still be pregnant Monday then we have to start going in for non-stress tests. Just to make sure every one is still doing fine.

I texted hubby last night when the contractions (and other stuff) started and he was super eager to come home. I obviously told him not to. When he got home this morning he smelled of coffee and was all smiles. Excited for things to get started.

He’s sleeping off his shift while I stay busy with work from the floor in front of my couch. As soon as he wakes up I want to go for a walk. See if we can get things moving a little faster. ūüôā

I’m really pregnant and ready for this little guy to get here. Officially done teaching fitness classes and offically done working starting Friday at 5 or if this turns into actual labor. I now understand what they mean by “lightening crotch” (I did not make that up). That’s about it. Hopefully my next post will be a birth story.

Catch you on the flip side.


#40weeks | And now… we wait


This morning I had my first actual appointment with my new midwives. It was great. Such a relief. Such a difference. They spend so much time explaining and educating and making sure that everything is the way that I want it while still advising properly. I just know our birth experience is going to be so much better than it would have been with the other group.

At the moment I have pretty much zero¬†symptoms that¬†he’s ready to rock and roll but things are progressing. His heartbeat sounded great, and she said I’m “growing a very appropriate-sized” baby”, haha. Head is down, and engaged.

I was a 10 month baby. My sister was a 10 month baby. And so far he seems perfectly content in there. As far as I understand I’m only “allowed” to go two weeks over. Though there are ways around that if I really wanted to push the matter. On the one hand I want to let him come when he’s ready. On the other… I’m done being pregnant. It’s been great and all; I’ve actually kind of enjoyed it… but I’m ready to meet this little guy. Next stage please.

On to the bump date:

Baby Size: Apx. 19-22 in, 7.5ish lbs

Symptoms:¬†Head in hips on nerves = shooting pains sometimes. Whenever he sits to the left my feet and calves swell. Typically just fine if he’s on the right side.

Weight Gain: I dunno, up 22-23lbs ish I think.

Stretch Marks: Still none yet. But we’re not done yet!

Belly Button: Still in, but very smooshed looking!

Cravings: Nope.

Aversions: Nope.

Fitness:¬†I taught my last class last night. A little bummed. But it’s not because I can’t. It’s just because we had another trainer on-call for a few weeks and it’s hard on his schedule to be up in the air so I’m just passing my class on to him out of fairness. I will still be taking the classes I usually teach. So that’s kind of better anyway.

Sleep: Still pretty much fine except for the now tri-nightly potty trips.

Miss anything?: Not really… just mobility. And what do my toes look like?

Movement:¬†He’s still really squirmy but lately a little less stretchy. Hasn’t been killing my ribs aaaaasss much as usual.

Best moment of the week: Switching midwife groups.

Worst Moment:¬†Nothing really. Though I’m a little sad my Bradley classes are over. It was a fun date night and I really like bonding with the other couples who are all due around the same time.

Looking forward to: Baby! Any time now, little guy!

39 weeks | Why I fired my midwife(s) with one week to go


Yup, that’s right. We have one week to go and I’m switching my midwife group. In short it came down to this discussion:

Me: I’d like to discuss my options for concern X.
Midwife A: *blank stare* Well… there are no options. No one ever questions that. You just do it.
Me: Well I’ve done a lot of research and I have concerns and I’d like to discuss the alternate options I’ve found. *Explains findings and alternative option proposals*
Midwife A: Umm… No. I’ve never heard of that. The hospital will say no. *spouts out scary statistics that are obviously from a series of very biased reports*
We go in circles for 10 minutes or so…

So, under the recommendation of my doula, I went to meet with another midwife group. That conversation went like this:

Me: I’d like to discuss my options for concern X.
Midwife B: Ok. Well, I do need to give you this information and these precautions about that but here are some alternative options and thoughts that other women have considered and here are my thoughts on both sides of this concern. In the end it’s your decision and we will support you and advise you based on a¬†risk/benefit basis.
Me: So, then you have seen this research that I’m referencing and you actually understand where I’m coming from. Not just “letting” me do this.
Midwife B: Yes. *proceeds to fully explain her understanding of the alternate research I’ve found and her opinion of it*

In the end, whatever my decision, I have WAY more trust in someone who has a full understanding of BOTH sides of issues like this and don’t just go by protocol and the biased information they are required to read. If she (midwife B) strongly recommends that I go in a certain direction then I trust that recommendation far more than someone who is just regurgitating¬†scary facts. Memorizing statistics is not the same as being fully educated on a subject. This trust extends to ANY decision that might crop up during the course of delivery.

Ok, on to more fun things.

39 weeks today! Only one week to go, but technically, any day now! Due to afore mentioned switching of healthcare providers I hope he stays put until all the paperwork goes through so there are no snafus with that at the birthing center. Otherwise I’m so ready to meet this little guy. SO READY!

Hubby’s friend did some beautiful henna on my belly. It should last a couple of weeks so I hope it’s still there when I deliver. I should get a pic of it now, after the henna has been washed off. The symbols by the feet mean Marshall in hebrew. ‚̧

38+3 Henna Belly

We also went ballroom and westcoast swing dancing Sunday night. It was fun to get out on the dance floor possibly one last time and show off the bump at the same time. On the way out someone who was leaving the parking lot stopped his car and rolled down the window to congratulate us on still dancing oh so very pregnant. And then applauded (literally applauded) us! It was great. I loved it. It just reflects how I feel about it. This body is amazing and it can still do everything it used to do. It’s just a little lopsided at the moment.

Ok, this is getting long, so on with the Bumpdate.

Baby Size: Apx. 19-22 in, 6-8lbs

Symptoms:¬†Apparently a sore tailbone is a thing.¬†Tuesday morning my tailbone was really really sore and I thought it was because I had been sitting in a different chair at work all day. I switched chairs and it kept getting worse so I consulted Google University and turns out it’s a pregnancy thing. So, now my butt hurts. lol. And is a little numb. Also, he likes to roll his head around on the nerves inside my hips sending shooting pains through my hips and legs. That’s cool too.

Weight Gain: About 21lbs i think.

Stretch Marks: Still none yet. Fingers crossed I make it to the end. Though the belly is still growing!

Belly Button: Still in, but pretty smooshed looking!

Cravings: Recently, I’ve been really excited about raspberries. And sometimes applesauce.

Aversions: Nope.

Fitness: Still teaching TRX and bootcamp. We have bigger classes now so I have the other trainer lead my ab circuit because it’s really hard to half-demo for a full class.

Sleep:¬†Still mostly fine. Last night was a little rough due to shooting hip pain and sore butt bone…

Miss anything?: Not really… Just access to my toes.

Movement: Still lots and lots of wiggles and stretching.

Best moment of the week:¬†Henna and dancing. We weren’t very productive this weekend.

Worst Moment: The conversation I had with my now X-midwife this morning.

Looking forward to: Baby!

Here is a terrible PJ bump pic from last night. I’m quickly moving on from definitely pregnant to very pregnant!


38 week | part 2 | the bumpdate


Earlier in the week I only made it through writing about this conundrum, on which I have since made a decision.

So, this post is all about bumpdate. I do have pictures but my phone is dying so i can’t upload them. I’ll add tomorrow if I remember. Someone remind me. ūüėČ

Baby Size: Apx. 19-22 in, 6-8lbs

Symptoms: Just very very full of baby. My lower back/pelvis pain is actually much better now. It stopped being so loose and only hurts when I lay on hard surfaces.

Weight Gain:¬†I think I’ve gained exactly 20lbs now.

Stretch Marks: Still none yet. Fingers crossed I make it to the end. Though the belly is still growing!

Belly Button: Still in, but very smooshed looking!

Cravings:¬†Recently, I’ve been really excited about raspberries. And sometimes applesauce.

Aversions: Nope.

Fitness:¬†Still teaching TRX and bootcamp. We have bigger classes now so I have the other trainer lead my ab circuit because it’s really hard to half-demo for a full class.

Sleep:¬†Still mostly fine. Except getting up to pee more, and it’s really hard to roll over now.

Miss anything?: Not really… just mobility.

Movement:¬†Still lots of wiggles. He’s still switching back and forth from the left to the right side. Currently his head is on a nerve sending shooting pains into my left leg. Fun times. haha

Best moment of the week: Hmm, we got the outlets and dimmer switch installed in the nursery. Got a bunch of my cloth diapers so we have enough of a stash to get started I think. Just need to call and start up diaper service.

Worst Moment: Nothing I can think of. We were both super cranky last Saturday night though.

Looking forward to:¬†Hopefully getting everything done this weekend. We are so behind. Nope still haven’t packed, or installed the car seat.

So any day now, they say. ūüôā

38 Weeks | Any day now


So technically, I’m in the “any day now” range. I’M ready, but the house is not ready, and we haven’t packed our hospital bags, or installed the carseat. We have all the essential “stuff” we need and the baby’s room is 99% set up. I just need an ottoman for the glider and to change the sheets in the crib because the cat has apparently decided she likes it in there. We did fix the door finally so now we can close it to keep her out of there.

I do wanna talk about something a teensy bit TMI because I could really use some input from anyone who has information or experience in this area.

I tested¬†positive for group B strep. A bacteria that lives naturally in many people’s bodies and has no symptoms in healthy adults. Apx. 40% of pregnant women test positive. Babies can become infected during birth and it can cause minor to major issues. So, as a blanket treatment, they give all mother’s who¬†test positive IV antibiotics during labor. So, I did some research and learned that actual rates of colonization (which is not the same as infection)¬†are 1 in over 200, and 1 in over 4000 in water births which we are doing. So, the chance of infection is actually pretty darn¬†low. Furthermore, an infection is easy to test for an easily treated in most cases. So, those risks seem small compared to the side effects of treating with antibiotics, which includes creating a “super-bug” version of the bacteria that is harder to treat; killing off beneficial bacteria in the gut (which causes it’s own set¬†of issues); increasing the risk of yeast infections and thrush; allergic reaction to the antibiotics; and more.¬†Needless to say, I’m really not comfortable with the antibiotics and I prefer to not get them. But then there is that “what if” in the back of my mind…

So, I’m wondering if there is anyone out there who has experience or knowledge with Group B strep and can share some insight. I have to figure out what I want to do soon so I can add it to my birth plan and be ready to advocate for it, before my next midwife apt.

Bumpdate to follow.

37 weeks | I’m full!


I think I had things to say this week, but I forgot. I’m tired. Baby has been keeping me up with his little booty all up under my ribs for hours and hours all night. Tuesday (or was it Wednesday?) night was impossible. I only slept a couple of hours because I couldn’t lay down without pain in my ribs. Blah. When he’s not stretching out, I hardly notice my belly. I feel great. Then he decides he needs to stretch his legs… for a couple hours…

Hoping it doesn’t get significantly worse over the next threeish weeks. Not sure I want to deal with that.

I still need to do a recap of the baby shower. I have some pictures to share now thanks to my MIL! I totally spaced on taking pictures. I also need to share a 37 week bumpie.

We have our proofs back from the maternity shoot and they’re all soo cute! It’s so hard to choose just a few. And we only have a few days to do it. Plus I’d like to order them before we do the newborn photos.

All the baby clothes are washed and put away. He has soooo much clothes!¬†Just need to get the house back in order and do some final touches on the nursery and then we’ll be all ready to welcome this little guy! ‚̧ We’re getting very anxious!

This weekend is baby task weekend.¬†It’s possibly the last weekend hubby has “off” before baby gets here. We need to do our birth plan, pack our hospital bags, install the carseat, get some last few essentials, pick a pediatrician, wash the cloth diaper stash, hopefully shorten and install the blinds, and some other random stuff I have as tasks on my calendar.

I’m too tired to do the bumpdate this week. It’s 8:30pm and I’m trying to decide if I want dinner or to go to bed early. Nothing has really changed from last week. Feeling about the same. Gained a couple lbs since last week. Excited to meet this little man!

OK, goodnight! I need my pregger sleep.

36 weeks | Starting to feel it


So, naps are a thing now. Unless I just haven’t caught up from my two late nights this weekend. I think I’m officially into pregnancy exhaustion. I used to make it through the day just fine (after the first trimester or so) but this week, I just want to sleeeeeep by¬†2ish. I’ve been taking quick power naps before class after work every night this week.

My lower back/back of my pelvis is also getting really tweaky. The chiropractor and massage therapist say it’s just my body loosening up and there isn’t much to do except support it and be nice to it. So that’s what we’re doing.

I don’t want to say that I’ve hit a wall or anything, but I’m definitely starting to feel it. Though, as my husband pointed out, the fact that I made it this far before I got uncomfortable is really awesome.

I’ve been ordering cloth diapers and covers. Cotton Babies has only three brands and there are so many out there that come recommended in the cloth diapering community.¬†Need to figure out what kind we’ll like before committing to one type or brand, but at the same time I need enough to get us started. We have a few months of diaper service that were gifted to us so I’ve mostly been getting covers. But I’m also looking at All In Ones for convenience for hubbies sake. I ordered a newborn kit¬†of gDiapers also from a Zulily sale with some blogging (other blog) commissions. I think I should have about 15 diapers of various brands and styles now. With most of those being covers, we shouldn’t need too much more to get us going.

On to the bump date:

Baby Size: Apx. 19-22 in, 6lbs

Symptoms:¬†Oofdah! Baby belly is nearing full capacity. My lower back is starting to feel uncomfortable. Still feeling good most of the time. Just getting really tweaky at the end of the day or first thing in the morning. Also, a little more heartburn because there is no more room for my stomach! Oh, and napping is my jam. And swelling hands and feet. I’ve had virtually no swelling except a couple times very minorly. I thought I was just going to get lucky. But the last week or so I’ve had puffy fingers and feet/ankles. Trying to put them up when I can and get extra fluids, hoping it doesn’t get too much worse over the next four (to 6) weeks.

Weight Gain: Gained a lb or two since my last apt. Should be +16lbs now. Total gain of 21lbs. Right on track.

Stretch Marks: Still none yet, but getting itchier.

Belly Button: Still in, but very smooshed looking!

Cravings: Nope.

Aversions: Nope.

Fitness:¬†Still doin‚Äô it! Taking a yoga class tonight. Pretty excited about it. Stretching will feel really good. Though it does mean I’ll miss ballet, which i really love.

Sleep: Still pretty much fine except for the now tri-nightly potty trips.

Miss anything?: Not really… just mobility.

Movement: Feet and elbows and butt in my ribs. A sack of kittens in my belly!

Best moment of the week:¬†Baby shower! It was a little overwhelming (nearly 30 people in our little house!) but so fun! I got to see family and friends I haven’t seen since I moved up to VanWa.

Worst Moment:¬†Ug. Car gremlins. Had a flat on the way to work this morning. Found out the hard way that while I have a spare, I don’t have a jack or tire iron. And neither does husband. So we called Les Schwab and they came out to put my spare on. They fixed the flat for free, of course, and I have an appointment to fix some other issues they found while they had the tire off. Yea.

Looking forward to:¬†Tiny laundry day! We’ve been waiting until have the shower to wash all the clothes. We got lots of clothes! We also need to get a few¬†baby essentials then start chipping away at what’s left from our registry.

Only 4 more weeks! Getting so excited!